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Showing 12 of total 2537 products

Shop for Power Tools, Hand Tools and Fasteners Online - Rootefy


Tools are some basic tools used for various tasks that are difficult to perform manually. With tools, it is easy to perform day to day strenuous jobs like mending, fixing or repairs of any kind. Be it a professional looking for tools for construction work or a layman looking for hardware and tools for personal use, tools and hardware are generally purchased with a specific utility in mind. When it comes to these products, precision engineering plays an important role. You can choose from a wide variety of tools that cater to a number of different purposes

You can opt for corrosion-resistant tools for a longer life and optimum performance.


Choose from a wide range of Tools:

If you are a professional in search of appropriate tools, you could browse products like chain saws, sledge hammers, angle grinders, professional tool kits, marble cutters, among others, to make work easy. We provide utility tools like a pressure washer, Vacuum Cleaner and more are to take care of your Needs. Rootefy has categorized its wide collection of tools and hardware according to types, utility, brands, and much more. Go through the category listing and find exactly what you want. From gardening tools to hardware, find any kind of tool or hardware item that fulfill your requirements.


Why Rootefy?

Explore through the various options available, if you are looking for a tool kit, for home or work, to find what suits you best. A wide range of power tools are available as well, like angle grinders, Demolition hammer and Cordless tools. If you are looking for a drill machine, or maybe a set of cutting tools for the house, you will find it here. Hand tools like hammers, screwdrivers, chisels and others are perfect for an amateur carpenter or for small fixes and repair work at home. Weighing and measuring tools, utility tools, and hardware accessories have been included in the expansive range provided.


Shop for Bestseller:

The list includes brands like Stanley, Bosch, JCB, Black & Decker, among others, which guarantees top-class quality and precision. Most of these products come with the manufacturer's warranty, which ensures good after-sales services.


Shop today!

Browse through available products to find the ones that meet your requirement and budget on the largest online marketplace place for building and allied products. Our experts are always ready to assist you with your requirements to make sure that you have a great shopping experience. Bag exclusive deals on Hand Tools, Garden and Hobby Tools, FastenersPower Tools  For more information or answers to any question you may have, feel free to call us at +91 706 505 1010/11 or mail to [email protected].